Mindfulness in the Maine Woods

A Saunter up Little Moose Mountain

Saturday October 15th

Rain Date, Sunday Oct 16th

9:00am – 5:00pm

Cost: $10

Moderate hiking trail.

Join Wendy Weiger for a slow-paced hike through the Little Moose Public Reserved Land. We will walk mindfully, watching, listening, and savoring the woods and waters around us. We’ll take time to talk about birds, trees, flowers, ferns, and whatever else catches our fancy. Along the way, we’ll pause for brief meditations Wendy calls “mindful minutes” – a practice that enriches our sensory experience of our natural surroundings. We’ll take a leisurely lunch break.

Route: We’ll start at the Moose Ponds trailhead, descend to Big Moose Pond, then climb to a rocky outcropping on Little Moose Mountain with far-reaching views. From there, we’ll descend on a trail that loops around Little Moose Pond.

Difficulty: Moderate. Our total distance will be roughly four miles, with some moderately steep ascents and descents along the way. The trail is typical of the Maine Woods, meaning there will be plenty of rocks and roots in our path.

What to bring: Sturdy shoes or boots, a hat, a rain jacket, water, lunch, snacks, sunscreen. Trekking poles, bug repellant, binoculars, and camera are optional but may make the hike more enjoyable. 

Time and place: We will meet at the Monson Arts office at 9:00 AM. We’ll drive from there to the trailhead and plan to return by 5 PM.

Bio:  Wendy Weiger is a former medical researcher who, eighteen years ago, left the halls of academe for the wilds of northern Maine. Since then, she has qualified as a Registered Maine Guide and has become deeply involved in environmental advocacy to protect her chosen home. She is the author of Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods, and is currently seeking a publisher for her next book, Heaven Beneath Our Feet. Her writing shows the importance of rekindling our intimacy with nature, both for our own health and for the health of the Earth. Through her nonprofit, Achor Earth Ways, she offers programs that guide people into deeper, more joyful connection with the natural world.