Plant Walk

June 18 and 19, Saturday and Sunday

9:00am – 5:00pm

Cost: $35

Foraging will require walking on uneven terrain. No other experience needed.

This workshop is designed for all ages, is an immersive, place based practice in seeing and making. Rachel Alexandrou, a forager trained in both plant science and the arts will lead participants  through their local landscape. Whether it is a parking lot, an old growth forest, or a riverbank, Rachel will point out the plants that are ethnobotanically of note and how one may process them into food or into materials for art making. Together participants and Rachel will scan the landscape for useful plant materials. Individual participants will be encouraged to find inspiration for the plant(s) they choose to focus on. Rachel will guide them in how to successfully turn their harvest into a final product.  Participants will learn how to sustainably harvest their plant(s) of choice to bring back to the studio and begin the processing. The final outcome of this workshop will be a wild feast.

Participants can expect the following from a PLANTWALK: 

    – An embodied experience in nature, viewing, touching, smelling and tasting wild plants 

    – A better understanding of how to sustainably interact with the local landscape

    – A beginners understanding of viewing patterns for plant identification purposes

    – processing instructions

   – cooking instruction

  –  Recipe development

  – creative, critical thinking 

  – resource materials  (books and other publications)