Printmaking For Artists Who Love To Draw

April  22 and 23, 2023 Saturday and Sunday

9:00am – 5:00pm

Beginner to Advanced
Intaglio, Drypoint Printmaking
Cost: $40
Drypoint is a technique where marks are scratched into the surface of a plate with various tools. Tools include, Metal scribe, sandpaper, steel wool, awl, rotary tool, among other more specialized tools.  Ink is then buffed into those incised lines/scratches then run through a press with a softened cotton paper for transfer. What is exciting about this workshop is we will be working with new plate material that can be cut to shape and is transparent, allowing the artist to trace source drawings.  Students will be encouraged to bring their drawings, sketchbooks and illustrations in any style. This new plate material is much more affordable than traditional materials (copper and zinc) while also being non toxic and easy to work with.  The inherent richness of drypoint, and what it lends to an artist’s mark is what makes this process so worthwhile. Once dry, the prints made in this process love to be hand colored! Students will have a stack of prints to go home and play with. The goal of this class will not be to develop a formal uniform edition but to explore mark making through this fun and satisfying medium.
Lisa Pixley Is an artist and press woman based in Whitefield, Maine where she and her husband are about to launch Grand Army Arts. Grand Army Arts will house a print studio, boutique, classrooms, artist in residence, and performance space. Pixley received her BFA from Maine College of Art with concentrations in drawing and painting. Pixley apprenticed with Master Printer David Wolfe and worked with artists such as Charlie Hewitt and Allison Hildreth to hone her skills as a printmaker. She founded Pickwick Independent Press, a community printshop in Portland in 2009, then went on to found PrintCraft, a studio boutique, in 2017. Pixley taught printmaking at the University of New England from 2015-2021