Click the questions below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

When is the application period?

3 Open calls per year

Aug 1 – Sep 15 for Winter Sessions
Dec 1 – Jan 15 for Spring Sessions
May 1 – June 15 for Fall Sessions

Summer programming is reserved for Workshops and Retreats. There are no summer residencies.

Can I upload a pdf for my images?

Yes, you can upload multiple images in a pdf package. Please keep your pdfs under 5 pages. This allows you to share multiple images of one work, such as a sculpture or installation.

How many pages of writing do you allow?

5 pages at 1.15 spacing – extras may not be read.
Playwrights and screenwriters may submit up to 15 pages.

What is the letter of intent?

This is an opportunity to tell us a little about what your work is like and how you will use your time. You can describe a specific project if you have one, or you can speak more generally about your work.

I’m getting a program closed error message.

If you started an application and did not finish it from a previous open call, it is stuck on the old one. Delete that application. Click on the DIRECTORY on the left of your screen and select the current program.

I can’t get the payment to work.
Please contact slide room directly for payment issues, support@slideroom.com. If you cannot resolve it, please mail us a check for $25 to PO Box 67, Monson ME 04464 (I will waive the fee).
Can you waive the fee?

Please contact info@monsonarts.org if the application fee poses a difficulty.

I applied before, should I change my application materials?

Each review session is done with new reviewers. You may apply with the same work or update it if it has changed since you last application.

I am a Monson Arts Alum, can I reapply?

You may apply 1 year after you attended Monson Arts.

Can two people apply as a collaboration?

Yes. If you have a collaborator, you should apply under one application so you are concidered together. Please clearly state in your letter of intent that you are working as a team. If accepted, you would each receive the stipend and a private studio as each resident does.

Can I bring a companion?

No. Due to the space sharing that happens with the residents we cannot allow partners or companions to accompany awarded residents. If you have a special circumstance for accessibility, please reach out to our team.

A group of artists gather at Monson Arts.


Time and space to create. Monson Arts is a new artists’ residency and arts center in Monson, Maine. Programs include residencies for artists and writers, intensive shorter workshops, and educational partnerships with area secondary schools.