Camden Shakespeare Fest @Monson Arts: Comedy of Errors

Monson Arts is once again partnering with the Camden Shakespeare Festival to host the production of The Comedy of Errors which tells the story of two sets of twins who experience a great deal of mistaken identity, causing confusion among themselves and other people.

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The Comedy of Errors

This summer we are producing The Comedy of Errors – Shakespeare’s hilarious farce about two sets of twins who end up in the same town, each unaware of the others. (No play contains more comedy, or more errors…) This show will have a lot of music, singing, clowning, and the best aspects of great physical theatre. It is probably Shakespeare’s most fun show to perform (and least “Shakespearean.”).


The Camden Shakespeare Festival is a professional, non-profit theatre committed to producing Shakespeare’s plays chiefly in the Camden Amphitheatre. At the core of our mission is a passion to make Shakespeare’s plays accessible to contemporary audiences, especially our younger audience. We believe that Shakespeare plays speak to everyone, because of their universal themes, their unforgettable characters and their extraordinary poetry. These plays are produced in association with the Camden Public Library.