When: Saturday, August 12th 10AM to 4PM w/lunch break

What: Poetry Workshop

Cost: $25


This summer, shake up your poetry practice and get inspired by trying three new approaches to writing and crafting your poetry. This workshop will add to your poetry toolbelt by helping you develop fresh perspectives to your work through lessons on how to structure your poetry using anaphora and epistrophe, how to best incorporate line breaks to give a poem breath, and strategies to create great titles for your poems. With three lessons over the one-day course, you will emerge from this workshop with new work and a new approach to writing poetry.

Using original writing prompts and examples of great poetry by poets such as Ada Limón, Chen Chen, Danez Smith, Kaveh Ahkbar, Diane Seuss, Joan Kwon Glass, and others, you will be generating new poems and honing unique skills in each lesson – working to improve your relationship to words and the line in poetry.

Class Plan

First, we will have our ‘new skills lesson’, reading a few examples demonstrating the technique, writing from prompts using the new technique, and then we will set aside time to discuss before we move onto the next technique. Our goal will be to roll these techniques into your repertoire to achieve greater success in your poetic expression.

10am-12pm Introductions and Lesson on Structure

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-2:30pm Lesson on Line Breaks

2:30pm-4pm Lesson on Titles

Multi-time Pushcart Nominee, Meghan Sterling (she, her, hers) has been published in The Los Angeles Review, Rhino Poetry, Rattle, Colorado Review, Nelle, Meridian and many other journals. Her first full length collection These Few Seeds (Terrapin Books) came out in 2021 and was an Honorable Mention for the 2022 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize in Poetry. Her chapbook, Self Portrait with Ghosts of the Diaspora (Harbor Editions) will be out in 2023. Her second full length collection, View from a Borrowed Field, won the Paul Nemser Poetry Prize (Lily Poetry Review) and will be out in 2023. Her third full-length collection, Comfort the Mourners (Everybody Press) will also be coming out in 2023. She is the Program Director at Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and lives in Maine with her family.
Read her work at

Example of Work:

Clouds are a Mother

Everything softer in the rain. The steel
swaddled in clouds. The skin of the brick
cottoned, the sky swollen. I was up for hours
sick, my body in a rage, my body resisting
the web of sleep, pain like shards of glass
in my belly, and when I woke, the rainfall
was a comfort, the rain-streaked window
opening to a smaller world. The toy whirr
of cars below wading through oily puddles.
A pigeon swooping up to its nest in the coping,
its babies singing with hunger. The sky had come
closer, the clouds at eye level.  I could feel them
on my face, they pressed their hands to my forehead,
they shushed me quiet with their mothering hum.