Weave Where You Are: Ọmọlará Williams McCallister

July 23 – 29

Weave Where You Are : Intro to Little Looms

This course is for everyone and anyone! In this introductory course for beginners we will use lap sized portable looms to weave 3 yards of cloth. Each participant will have the option of finishing their cloth into one of the following: a wall hanging, a set of 4 placemats, a table runner, or yardage that can be used for future sewing projects. Participants will be facilitated through the entire weaving process. We will experiment with design processes, measure out the yarn for our designs, set up our looms to weave, weave, wet finish and hem our pieces.

Looms, materials and tools will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring their own personal hand tools (snips, shears, etc) if they prefer. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase their own little loom and additional yarn at the end of the workshop.

Ọmọlará developed an interest in weaving early on. As a child Ọmọlará’s mother made Ọmọlará’s clothes and allowed Ọmọlará to design them. Ọmọlará’s passion for customization and design grew into a love of textile design and production. Ọmọlará has traveled widely to study various techniques for making and making designs on fabric. Ọmọlará, along with Najee Haynes-Follins, is cofounder of the Baltimore Community Weaving Studio, a community resources where anyone can learn to weave–regardless of their identities–at no cost to them. Today craft skills like weaving are socially and financially inaccessible due to the high start-up cost of materials and equipment, time intensiveness—time crafting equals time not working for pay– and the intersecting systems of oppression that keep those resources out of reach for many. The Baltimore Community Weaving Studio is one of the many ways that Ọmọlará lives out Ọmọlará’s commitment to build a world where everyone has what they need to live with ease and thrive.

Ọmọlará Williams McCallister is based in Baltimore, and originally from Atlanta Georgia. Ọmọlará’s practice is to cultivate cultures of collective care where everyone has what they need to live with ease and thrive. Ọmọlará does this through a call/response blend of: sculpture, performance, installation, ritual, space holding, community building, surface design, adornment, word, sound, song, movement, moving images and photography. Roles that Ọmọlará steps into include:  artist, educator, organizer, cultural strategist, conjurer. In all forms O’s work is immersive and interactive, it is co-authored by the people who inspire and encounter it.

This workshop is currently full. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the waitlist.