Photo courtesy of artist

Amber Zora, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rapid City, SD and did a Monson Arts Residency in October 2023. 

1) What was the best part for you about being at Monson Arts?

I don’t know how to name one thing. The support from the Monson Arts crew and the support in the form of studio space really created room for me to explore new ideas. Maybe the real treasure were the friends I made along the way.

2) What’s your focus with your work now that you’ve left Monson Arts?

Because I had access to such a large studio at Monson, I worked on large ink drawings. I discovered some things about the materials that I liked and some things I didn’t like. I’m continuing to explore the medium in my small home studio. In the back of my mind I’m thinking about how to find a larger space where I can continue to explore this size. 

3) Name 3-5 artists and/or works of art that continue to inspire you. 

Tacita Dean, Raymond Pettibon, Katja Lang, Nancy Spero and writer Rebecca Solnit.