Loretta Violante is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City and recently earned an MFA from The City College of New York. Loretta did a Monson Arts Residency in October 2023.

1) What was the best part for you about being at Monson Arts?

It’s so difficult to choose one thing that was the best part of Monson; the glory that is Maine nature; Lulu’s incredible cooking and spirit; spreading out in big open space; my fellow residents who exposed me to new work and ideas; the generosity of every single person in the program and the town; time time time to think about my work. Anyone who visits Monson is truly fortunate. 

2) What’s your focus with your work now that you’ve left Monson Arts?

While at Monson I was combining handmade paper with branches from the surrounding wooded areas to make large scale sculptures. I left the residency inspired to continue to experiment and play with this project. Motivated to get to work, I just recently got a studio space and have been working on some new sculptures. The materials I found and the ideas that I cultivated while at Monson continue to feed my practice. 

3) Name 3-5 artists and/or works of art that continue to inspire you.

I am particularly inspired by sculpture artists; some classic artists include Phyillida Barlow and Lee Bontecue; And some contemporary artists who I am deeply inspired by are Whitney Oldenburg, Tau Lewis, Jessi Reaves, and Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch.