This summer, Monson Arts is hosting an exhibit that showcases the work of artists past and present with connections to the greater region. Titled “Monson and Surrounds”, the show will be on view in the newly renovated AC Gilbert building in downtown Monson from July 21 – October 28. The 1,000 square-foot space will be used as a pop-up gallery to display the work of more than 20 artists including Berenice Abbott, Carl Sprinchorn, Todd Watts, Abby Shahn, and Alan Bray. Curator Barbara Sullivan, who lives in nearby in Solon, has envisioned a show that honors the cultural heritage and traditions of the region as well as the creativity and ingenuity that inspire its future. “As a working artist myself, I know many of the artists who live and work here”, says Sullivan. “I want to showcase the wealth and breadth of their art and also of artists who have made specific art about the area.”

Regular gallery hours are Thursday-Sunday, 10AM-5PM.